Some of our customers use our CAD services and we also provide drawings with some of our projects if requested. All of the fabrication jobs we do are preceded by a CAD drawing which increases the accuracy of the fabrication process and makes the completion time faster thus reducing costs. CAD cost is about 50% to 75% of hourly fabrication cost, so eliminating errors before you start always saves money. We think that most customers would benefit by some of the following:

We have 37 years of industrial experience.

We offer to do the CAD work, assist in the application and engineering of projects even if we aren’t involved in the bidding process. We will leave you with sets of Prints or CAD files with details of the job and specs.

We can furnish CAD files necessary for programming equipment for CNC plasma and laser cutting.

This will save fabrication time which will reduce cost. One Quote–Multiple Vendors.

The vendor quotes will be more consistent because they are quoting from the same set of specs.

This will save a lot of time for management, plant engineering, and other key personnel because only one session to hammer out the details and design is required when considering having multiple vendors quoting on work.

Having CAD files on all of the project work would greatly increase the consistency in the 5S and LEAN Manufacturing areas through out the plant in the future.

Our CAD files and drawings are basic, down to earth, easy to understand for most plant personnel and for fabricators to quote and build from.